My Voice Lesson with Matt of Ramsey Voice Studio and Some Questions Answered

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Why do you have so many great voice lessons for free?

As a voice teacher, I’m aware that most people outside of my city won’t be able to take a lesson with me.

So as a way of continuing my mission to be the best voice teacher I can be, I’ve published what I think are some of the best free online voice lessons available anywhere.

Of course, as people continue finding these lessons, they will hopefully be curious about the other ways that they can learn with me such as my online singing courses.

And hopefully, I can keep meeting the people who find my content, even if it’s just online!

What do you want to accomplish with Ramsey Voice studio?  Short term and long term goals?

In the short term, I want to become the best voice teacher I can be for my students. Most of the time, that takes the form of my one-on-one singing lessons here in the studio.

In the long term, I see Ramsey Voice Studio as being a one-stop shop for all things relating to singing, vocal technique, performance and vocal health.

I plan to achieve that vision by continuing to grow my online presence with the best and most in-depth singing tutorials out there.

How did you learn to market yourself online? As an independent musician I am always interested in better ways to do things online. Do you have all your emails and courses automated? Do you make the most money online or locally?

I actually studied advertising at Virginia Commonwealth University where I went to school, but the truth is that I learned about marketing primarily through my own students who work in promotion.

In the past I have done trades with students in exchange for marketing services and in general, these trades have turned out very well. I actually love working with really tech savvy people because they tend to be persistent and work hard. This inevitably leads to great results for their singing.

Both Master Your Voice (my complete course) and Sing Better Today (the beginner course) are hosted on a platform which provides an awesome learning center for my students.

And if students ever have any issue, they can immediately reach me by email or in the VIP group that comes with membership in Master Your Voice.

My emails are written by hand and I have a secret joy for writing them. I love being able to capture people and help them to not hate email.

Do you also perform? Do you enjoy teaching more?

I have performed as a musician my whole life. I felt my true calling came when I was 21 and living in San Francisco playing guitar and singing in the BART Train stations every day. That was also when I first began taking voice lessons.

It was another few years before I gave teaching a try for my own. And I found that I absolutely loved it and have been teaching for a living ever since. You can read more about my journey here: Do Singing Lessons Work?

It’s hard to compare the feeling that I have for teaching with performance, although there are definitely aspects of performance in teaching.

I often feel when I’m performing that I need to captivate people and keep them entertained, which can be exhausting.

But when I teach, I’m able to shift my focus on helping someone improve their voice, which is often very rewarding.

While teaching and performing both take a good deal of energy, I would say that I prefer teaching since I have always found there’s more value in helping others than just performing for myself.

The main thing I learned in my lesson was discovering my head voice, and the challenge of learning to mix head and chest voices smoothly. Is this the most common scenario you have with students? What other issues are common?

You’re absolutely right! Finding head voice was a revelation for you and a major step forward in your singing progress.

Then, as you suggested, learning to blend the chest and the head voice is the next step. And learning to find and refine that mix can take a while!

While everyone has different vocal issues, I would definitely agree that most men need to find more head voice to improve their singing.

And in general, most women need to find more chest voice to learn how to sing

But no matter what gender you are, everyone needs to spend some time learning to mix these voices and keep their voice relaxed.

Like learning anything new, finding and overcoming the first obstacle is pretty easy (in your case singing in head voice), especially with expert help.

However, once you’ve jumped that first hurdle, the real work begins. And the truth is that it takes a lot of practice to sing seamlessly from the bottom to the top of your voice without breaks or strain.

I’ll let you know when I can do it perfectly!


Matt Ramsey
Voice Teacher

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DaveStewartSongs - Cover Without Bleed

In one lesson, Matt opened up a new horizon for me vocally. I never knew that I always sang in my chest voice, and thought I was a bass. After learning about my head voice I see that I can sing a lot higher than I thought, and so I'm learning to use my head voice now. Since this lesson I have signed up for his singing course.


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