Songwriters in the Round

Songwriters Bio's

Rob Ricotta (Songwriter for STTWM)

Sheets to the Wind is an independent music publishing company based in Nashville, TN in the United States. It was formed by songwriters Robert Browning and Robert Ricotta, along with Executive Producer Josh Swift. Sheets to the Wind is best known for artist/writer development, superb production and a myriad of songs nurtured by an extraordinary team of creatives. As well as being a publishing company with accolade boasting #1 Billboard charting songs, (finding themselves on television and major networks); we maintain the highest standards of production and excellence in the discipline of writing; from a songs infancy to its final cut.

Rob Ricotta

Marie Dunkle – Musician and songwriter

Marie is a North Georgia-based musician and storyteller. She has performed with symphony orchestras, rock, bluegrass and Celtic bands and theatre productions. Marie is a master of musical improvisation and has provided back-up and solo recording support to a variety of musicians and songwriters in the Southeast. Her instruments are violin, mandolin and cello. She has performed throughout North Georgia and the Carolinas and at Atlanta venues such as Eddie's Attic, The Red Light Cafe and Callenwolde Fine Arts Center. As a songwriter, Marie tends to write stories with a melody and beat.

Marie Dunkle

Dan Kowel

Dan Kowal has been in bands for most of his life, usually as a drummer. Realizing he had music in his veins but couldn’t write songs on drums, he taught himself some chords and wrote a bit in high school, and much more during his 10 years in Texas. Most of his songs are written between relationships, and creating music and harmonies soothes his soul.

As Dan road-tripped through 40 states during his 20’s, he has always been drawn to lush green mountains, and he planted his flag here in Macon County. He’s also lived in South Korea, traveled Mexico and Guatemala for 5 months, and continues to teach English as a Second Language in public schools.

Dan’s philosophy: We can’t give up and let hate win. We need to stand for and live up to our ideals.

Dan Kowel

Liz Powell

Liz has written many songs, and has submitted songs to BMI. Two of her songs have been recorded by other artists. Liz won the Songwriters of the Year in 2005. She collaborates with several musicians, creating the lyrics and melodies.

Eli Roach

My name is Elias Roach. When i was a little kid my grandpa taught me guitar chords and I've been playing and writing ever sense. I have a broad range of musical tastes and influence, but my roots are firmly planted in the soil of the blues. Robert johnson is my hero. Though i was raised on bluegrass ans gospel, I've always felt like Robert- like i didn't have a place to call home- like a weight was always trying to hold me down. But music is what gives me the strength to carry my cross and walk my walk with the Lord. I am very honored to be a part of this, and look forward to sharing my songs with everyone. Thank you. Namaste.

Eli Roach