My New Youtube Link

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Well, I just got over 100 subscribers to my youtube channel davestewartsongs so I have a non cryptic link now

My First Album Released Today

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Check it out at

It took over a year to record it but I’ve learned a lot. Hope to make some more in the future.

The Reason I started Franklin Local Songwriters Community

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The mission of this songwriters group is to allow all people, whether they are famous or not (in my case infamous), to come share their songs they create.  All songwriters are welcome no matter where you are in the process. If you have written a song or two and want to come perform it, this is for you (no cover songs please… only original).

At this time we have 2 different songwriter events, a performance event where we feature a few songwriters followed by an open mic for anyone to come and sign up that evening. The other event is a Songwriter’s Workshop where us songwriters meet to share and learn about songwriting and get feedback on some of our songs. Currently both of these events are hosted by Macon County Public Library and are free community events open to everyone interested.

Check the events page for upcoming songwriter events as well as other music around Franklin NC.